It started fairly innocently enough. I noticed this show, The Big Bang Theory, had been on a very long time and was very popular. Add that to the fact that my math teacher in college (who was so hot I was actually able to successfully complete a basic algebra course) suggested that I go into physics. I was flattered, but also terrified.

I began to watch The Big Bang Theory and eventually enjoy the show so much it’s actually become my comfort program. Then I noticed that I had developed a great affinity for Sheldon. I researched the character (thank you Wikipedia) and while the writers/producers Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady insist that they did not create the character with Aspergers in mind, Jim Parsons, who plays Sheldon Cooper, said in an interview that he didn’t think Sheldon could possibly exhibit more more traits of Aspergers.

So, here I am, diagnosed with major depression, anxiety disorder, agoraphobia and PTSD due to a series of traumas, most of the details of which can be found in these two posts: and I researched Aspergers extensively and felt more and more that this was the missing puzzle piece to my personality.

So I contacted an organization and I filled out an extensive questionnaire with an excessive amount of detail.This was the most difficult thing I had to do, because I had to enumerate *all* of the factors that earned me all of my diagnosis I just got the results today.

I fall well within the range of the Aspergers autism spectrum.

This actually makes me very happy. This has been a piece of puzzle I have long searched for. I am now able to move forward with the right kind of therapy and skills development that I need to find a job that corresponds to my personality and skill set.

Onward and upward. And thank you, Big Bang Theory, for helping me initiate the quest for the last piece of the puzzle.

And thank you for visiting Aspergers. Have a nice day.

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