I’ve waited a long time to weigh in on the whole Edward Snowden thing, and I am finally vindicated in my feelings by some who have been more articulate than I have about the issue.  You see , I have a somewhat unique perspective on this.

My family a long time ago, was investigated, and followed, by the federal government.

Yes, it was quite exciting. No, actually it really wasn’t.

It was 1979. I think I can safely tell you that much.  My mother was just finishing up a long, bitter divorce with my father, who, seemingly changed his name to “motherfucker”.

He had the house on a VA loan and was in the position to decide what happened to it.  Since my mother didn’t have the money to buy the house from him, we were forced to move.

We moved to a place that that I shall only, from here on, name by the affectionate moniker I assigned it at the time: The Hotel Cucaracha. Since, at this time, the Eagles’ Hotel California was still riding high on the charts (the first time around, before Hell Froze Over); I would go around singing, “Welcome to the Hotel Cucaracha,” and fine-tuning my flamenco dancing skills.

It was an apartment complex, and the first time I’d ever had to share a room with one of my sisters. After all the diplomatic to and fro-ing over territory, which included, bruises, bite marks and missing tufts of hair, among other things, we settled to a somewhat peaceful existence.

We had neighbors. Here’s where it gets really interesting. You see the federal government has really no say to accept or reject members to their witness protection club based on the applicant’s mental health. I.E., some of the people in the federal witness protection program are really, truly bonkers. One of the duller tools in the woodshed. More than one crayon short of a box.  I could go on, but hopefully you get the picture. And our friendly neighbors happened to have a family member in the federal witness protection program. And not the healthiest member of any community, at that. The patriarch of the family, as a matter of fact.

It was a somewhat peaceful co-existence, until the said patriarch threw his current spouse down the stairs.  My mother, being the good Christian woman that she is, stepped in to help. I spent hours trying to calm the two younger daughters down, and finally had succeeded when said patriarch busted down the door to our apartment, throwing me half against a hallway table and half against the wall and upsetting the girls again in the process, before taking them, screaming, from our apartment. I was more pissed at him for undoing my work than anything. It had taken me hours to calm them down.  This is one reason I have taken to writing my own dramas, instead of creating them in my life. Had enough of that kind of drama, thank you.

After that, the secret was out. My mother, and all of us were investigated by the federal government and deemed relatively safe for our country. We got used to being followed by mid-sized cars of nondescript colors with many antennas (I can spot  ’em from miles away now). And we got to first hand see what kind of crap some of the federal agents have to put up with on a regular basis.

So, having had a not-so-unpleasant experience with the investigative side of our fine federal government, I have a little insight as to what’s on the other side of the fence.

And when the whole Edward Snowden thing broke out, I used my experience and knowledge of the federal government, along with my finely-tuned bullshit meter, developed while acquiring my journalism degree at Kent State University, and smelled something entirely rotten.

First, I was surprised at the number of people who were shocked, shockedItellyou, to find that their government was watching and listening to them.  They had the technology, and have been using it.

Do I believe that the federal government, for the most part, has, if not noble then at least indifferent intentions in watching and listening to us? Well, yeah. Are there some bad apples who are going to use it for nefarious purposes? Of course.  Why do you think I’m so reluctant to speak on the phone now?  It’s not just decades of telemarketing and telefundraising, folks. I know that I’m being listened to, and watched and I want to minimize the discomfort of this as much as possible. That and the fact that I am a Pisces, the most paranoid sign in the whole zodiac, always has me on high alert anyway.

But, I was never comfortable in voicing my opinions, much, until I came across the article by a gentleman named Allen Clifton from a group called Forward Progressives http://www.forwardprogressives.com/let-me-show-why-edward-snowden-traitor-not-patriot/-.

This pointed out exactly all the misgivings I’ve had ever since I heard about Mr. Snowden.  He’s not a patriot. At best he’s an egotistical asshole who figured out how to get more than his allotted fifteen minutes of fame, and at worst he is, yes, a traitor. In any case, there is something truly wrong with a society when it worships someone who is willing to go to such extremes to get attention.

Yeah, they’re watching me. And you. But I’m going to choose to turn it around and watch them very carefully as well.

And I hope that you will all join me. To do anything less, in my mind, would be, well treason.

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